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Prosphyg™ SPU

Single-Patient-Use Sphygmomanometer

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Product Description

Our 774 Prosphyg™ SPU is a complete disposable sphygmomanometer, including cuff, bulb, valve, and gauge.

  • Economical enough for single-patient application
  • Durable enough for repeated use
  • 100% leak tested to assure dependability
  • Three clinical cuff sizes: small adult, adult, and large adult
  • Two-tube design with our 809SPU gauge and our 875PLF bulb and valve
  • The industry’s most precise markings, minimizes miscuffing errors
  • Rounded corners and soft, woven construction
  • Five complete sphygs per package
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI/AAMI/ISO 81060-1
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English Prosphyg™ SPU - Instructions for Use Download
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Replacement Parts
Gauge: 809SPU
Crystal: NA
Ring: NA
Cuff 1: NA
Cuff 2: NA
Cuff 3: NA
Bladder 1: NA
Bladder 2: NA
Bladder 3: NA
Cuff and Bladder 1: 8450-10SA-2
Cuff and Bladder 2: NA
Cuff and Bladder 3: NA
Inflation System: 8650-10SA
Bulb: 873N
Valve: 874P-00
Bulb & Valve: 875PLF-01
Tubing: NA
Connector 1: NA
Connector 2: NA
Case: NA
Features at a glance:
  • Latex Content

    This products is not made with Natural Rubber Latex

  • Phthalate Content

    This products is made without phthalates

  • Single Use Only

    Designed for single use or single patient use.

  • Domestic Content

    Inspected, Assembled and Packaged in the USA

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