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Diagnostix™ 5560

3.5V Desk Rechargeable Battery Handle

Diagnostix™ 5463

3.5V USB Rechargeable Battery Handle
New Product

Diagnostix™ 5460

3.5v Plug in Rechargeable Battery Handle

Diagnostix™ 5160N

2.5V Pocket Battery Handle
New Options Available

Proscope™ Handles

2.5v Portable Battery Handles

Diagnostix™ 5500

Desk Charger for two Diagnostix 3.5v battery handles

Adstation™ 5660TE

Wall Transformer with Extension
Diagnostix Wall Builder

Adstation™ 5660T

Wall Transformer
Diagnostix Wall Builder

Adstation™ 5660E

Wall Extension Module
Diagnostix Wall Builder