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Mercury Sphygmomanometer Exchange Program

The rising concern with mercury toxicity has led many municipalities to ban use of mercury sphygmomanometers. In order to protect the environment, many mercurial devices must be replaced to reduce the risk of accidental spills and improper disposal of this dangerous substance.

At ADC, we share your concern for the environment and wish to help those individuals or organizations who want to eliminate this potential source of contamination. This is why we have developed a comprehensive Mercury Exchange Program to assist with the disposal of old mercury units and facilitate their replacement with environmentally friendly alternatives.

Our Mercury Exchange Program allows you to purchase new wall (750W series) or mobile (752M series) clock aneroid instruments and exchange your old mercury manometers at the time of purchase. We accept any brand of mercury sphygmomanometers as part of our program, and will mail specially designed shipping cartons directly to you to allow for the safe return of your unwanted mercury sphygmomanometers for recycling.  At a cost of $30 per carton, ADC will assume all costs for the proper disposal of the liquid mercury and instrument.

Call our customer service department at 1-800-ADC-2670 (631-273-9600) for details.


Click here to view our mercury exchange program flyer.

If you are returning your mercury unit, using our mercury exchange program, click here for detailed instructions.