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Diagnostix™ 5410/5480

3.5V Portable Diagnostic Sets, Plug-In Rechargeable

Product Description
ADC Diagnostix-brand EENT instrument sets help practitioners perform fast, accurate, and efficient exams thanks to innovative optics, advanced lighting technologies, and long-lasting power sources.
Our Diagnostix Plug-In Rechargeable Portable Sets feature:

*Special Medical Student Warranty: Diagnostix 3.5V portable sets are covered through the second year of residency.

For USB rechargeable style, see Diagnostix 54310/54380


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Replacement Parts
Battery Handle - US: 5460
Battery Handle EU: 5460EU
Battery: 5460BAT
Otoscope Head - LED: 5420L
Otoscope Head - Xen: 5420X
Coax Oph Head - LED: 5440L
Coax Oph Head - Xen: 5440X
Coax + Oph Head - LED: 5442L
Coax + Oph Head - Xen: 5442X
Lamp for Otoscope - LED: 5411-4L
Lamp for Otoscope - Xen: 5411-4X
Lamp for Ophthalmoscope - LED: 5412-4L
Lamp for Ophthalmoscope - Xen: 5412-4X
Storage Case: 5410-ZC
Adapter for WA Specula: 5411-AD
Disp. Specula 2.75mm: 5182
Disp. Specula 4.25mm: 5185
Insufflator Bulb: 5122N




Features at a glance:
  • Lithium Battery Included

    Li-ion Battery provides unparalleled on time and life. 30-50 hours of on time when combined with LED lamps and 1200 charge cycles.

  • UL

    UL Approved

  • Latex Content

    This products is not made with Natural Rubber Latex

  • Multiple Warranties

    Warranty extends to the original retail purchaser, commences with date of delivery.  Adstation transformer warranted for 5 years.  Instruments heads and handles warranted for 2 years.  ADled lamps warranted for Life.  

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