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9 Essential Questions about Blood Pressure – Answered

Blood pressure is often the first metric tracked when a patient visits a physician’s office or hospital. But what makes blood pressure such a vital marker in one’s overall health picture? We’ve answered nine of your most common questions here.


You Loved the Adscope-Lite 609. The All-New 619 is Even Better.

We know how much our customers have loved the Adscope-Lite 609, because you’ve told us. Every day. But we knew we could make it even better. So we took the 609 – our lightest clinician model and best-selling Adscope overall – and re-engineered it, from product to package. The result is the Adscope-Lite 619.

One Small Change, One Big Difference

Our 429 Non-Contact Thermometer has been steadily gaining momentum and is now one of ADC's Top 25 products. It’s a terrific instrument that provides fast, accurate temperature readings at the forehead almost instantly. But the original design could be tricky to use, so we made a tiny, but critical, change to that greatly simplifies the measurement process and virtually guarantees an accurate reading first time, every time.  

The Adscope 658: Worth the Wait

On paper the goal was simple: build an electronic scope with great sound, robust construction, just the right amount of whistles and bells, an industry leading warranty, and an affordable price. And now, the wait is finally over. We proudly announce the launch of the new 658, our fourth-generation electronic Adscope. The 658 builds on the previous generation of electronic models and is our best digital scope yet.

New Data and Classic Advice for Men’s Health Month

There’s never a wrong time to prioritize health, but Men’s Health Week offers a perfect opportunity to focus on prevention and education. New data from CDC show a slight rise in death rates in the U.S., the first increase in years. For men, heart disease remains the top cause of death, with high blood pressure (also called hypertension) a major risk factor.

ADC Launches Complete Line of World-Class EENT Instruments

I am very excited to announce the launch of our expanded line of EENT products, also known as physical exam instruments. It is a category we’ve been working on for years. The new line of 3.5V instruments includes Otoscopes, Ophthalmoscopes, a Throat Illuminator, and a Dermascope in a variety of platforms, like portable sets, desk sets, and wall mounted modular systems.