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One Small Change, One Big Difference

Written By: 
Marc Blitstein / President & CEO
A small change can make a HUGE difference.
Our 429 Non-Contact Thermometer has been steadily gaining momentum and is now one of ADC's Top 25 products. It’s a terrific instrument that provides fast, accurate temperature readings at the forehead almost instantly. Because it doesn’t require costly disposable probe or sensor covers, using the 429 for screening, pediatrics, sub-acute care and other appropriate applications can save a practice hundreds –  and institutional accounts thousands – of dollars a year.  Plus there’s the added "green" benefit of reduced waste.  
But the original design could be tricky to use.  
Release the Measure button too soon and you often obtained a wacky reading that was in the 85°F range – something that blended the patient’s temperature with the ambient room temperature.  It could be frustrating.
Working with the contractor we made a tiny, but critical, change to the operational sequence that greatly simplifies the measurement process and virtually guarantees an accurate reading first time, every time.  
Here’s how the new one works.  
  1. Press and release the Measure button to power on.
  2. Wait for two quick beeps. The display’s backlight will light blue and “00” appears.
  3. Position the sensor about two to three inches from the center of the patient’s forehead.
  4. Press and immediately release the Measure button again.  Move your finger out of the way to provide an unobstructed view of the temperature display and the amber light below the Mode and Mem buttons. (With the original design, your finger was kept on the Measure button, blocking view of the display.)
  5. Slowly move the device towards the patient’s forehead. The unit will beep continuously and a series of dash icons forming two small circles will rotate on the display.  Once the correct distance is reached (about one inch or three cm) the amber LED bar just below the Mode and Mem buttons will flash, the unit will emit a short beep (except in night mode), and the backlit display will illuminate with the measurement. 
  6. The unit will power off in about 30 seconds or you can begin again with Step 3 to take another measurement 
It’s just that simple.
Remember, ANSI standards permit somewhat less accuracy for IR thermometers than traditional oral/rectal/axillary models, which is why we encourage practitioners to use this for screening. If a fever is detected, following up with a more precise traditional oral, rectal, or axillary measurement can be a good idea.
Product Note: We now offer a wall-mount cradle for the 429 and have modified the Adstation’s large wallboard to accept the new cradle-mount solution.