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You Loved the Adscope-Lite 609. The All-New 619 is Even Better.

Written By: 
Carole Vande Velde, Director of Marketing


We know how much our customers have loved the Adscope-Lite 609, because you’ve told us. Every day.

“Worth every penny and probably many more!”

“Better acoustics, great colors, not as expensive – it works!”

“Would recommend to any RN!”

But we knew we could make it even better. So we took the 609 – our lightest clinician model and best-selling Adscope overall – and re-engineered it, from product to package. We kept all the essentials you’ve come to rely on, while adding features you didn’t think you’d ever see at this price point. The result is the Adscope-Lite 619.

Here’s what's new:

  • We added an AFD diaphragm. AFD (adjustable frequency design) technology allows you to tune the acoustic response, using light pressure for low frequencies and firmer pressure for high frequencies. 
  • We built it with thicker tubing. Fifteen percent thicker, to be precise, and still made without phthalates or natural rubber latex.
  • We upgraded to a Lifetime Warranty – and Free Parts Forever. Now every single Adscope in our cardiology and clinician lines offers lifetime protection, which translates to a lifetime of savings on parts, repairs, and refurbishment.
  • We added new finishes! Now, in addition to the aluminum Satin finish (available in your choice of 18 tubing colors, including five from our popular Jewel Collection) and the sleek all-black Tactical, you’ll find Champagne (with black tubing) and Smoke (featuring metallic gray tubing). Visit the product page to see the complete color palette.
  • We individually test each stethoscope on a custom-built fixture to ensure a reliable acoustic pathway throughout the entire instrument. (And that's true of every Adscope clinician and cardiology model!)
  • We added a free scope ID tag and improved the packaging.

Best of all, we kept the ultra-lightweight build – it’s a mere 3.7 oz overall – which translates to incredible comfort, whether your shift is four hours, twelve hours, or somewhere in between.

Watch the Video!

With an MSRP of about $33 and a “street” price of about $28, the Adscope-Lite 619 is, without question, the best value you’ll find in a pro-grade scope. And it’s available now, online or through your favorite medical equipment supply reseller!

Visit our Where to Buy page to find a local or online dealer!