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The Adscope 658: Worth the Wait

Written By: 
Marc Blitstein / President & CEO

There are essentially two kinds of electronic stethoscopes on the market. One is designed for clinical research with advanced features like recording and data transmission capability. The other is the electronic scope designed primarily to improve acoustic performance and the auscultatory exam. Our research indicated that the largest segment of the professional market was looking for the latter. This group includes cardiologists and respiratory therapists, any professional working in a noisy environment (like EMS), and those with moderate hearing loss. So we set about to design an electronic scope for you.

On paper the goal was simple: build an electronic scope with great sound, robust construction, just the right amount of whistles and bells, an industry leading warranty, and an affordable price. But the reality was a bit more complex. 

After years of development, prototyping, and testing, and a lengthy regulatory approval process, the wait is finally over. We proudly announce the launch of the new Adscope 658, our fourth-generation electronic stethoscope. The 658 builds on the previous generation of electronic models and is our best digital scope yet.

Let’s start with the chestpiece, the heart of the 658. While most scopes use an acoustic microphone, the 658 is the only scope of its kind to use a sophisticated contact microphone that picks up sounds only from the body surface.  Software filters unwanted higher-frequency background noises, then intensifies the target frequencies, producing amplification up to 18X over a traditional acoustic scope.

A backlit LCD provides frequency and volume selection settings at a glance. The multi-function button allows fingertip selection of mode (bell or diaphragm) and volume. Low-frequency mode focuses on sounds in the 15 Hz to 125 Hz range – ideal for most heart sounds. High-frequency mode picks up sounds in the 125 Hz to 500 Hz range – ideal for respiratory sounds. The eight-step volume control lets you select the volume that’s right for you and the unit retains both last-mode and volume settings in memory.

Powered by a Li-ion polymer battery, the Adscope 658 offers about 20 hours of continuous use. That translates to roughly 400 three-minute exams. The battery efficiency is helped by an auto-off feature that engages after three minutes of inactivity, while the instant on accommodate any workflow. Overall, your battery should last two to three years under normal charge cycles.

Different from the previous generation electronic Adscopes, the 658 is built with our traditional Cardiology Series headset, providing a familiar look and feel with sturdy, resilient wearability. Plus, with eight tubing colors to choose from, you can have a look that’s almost as unique as your profession.

You’ll appreciate other details, as well. At about 175 grams it weighs less than most cardiology scopes (with the exception of our ultra-lightweight 606). And the 658 comes with a complete accessory pack: three sets of Adsoft Plus snap-on silicone eartips (two pairs of small, one pair of large), a USB cable, a scope ID tag, and instructions for use. The scope is assembled, tested, and packaged in the USA from foreign components, and comes with a two-year unconditional warranty on the electronics and lifetime warranty on the headset.

And last, but certainly not least, with an MSRP of $299.99, it’s the most affordable electronic scope on the market. The first electronic scope that’s right for you. All you have to do is choose the color!

For more information, visit adctoday.com/products/658.