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ADC Launches our Next Generation Diagnostic Station: The ADView 2

Every so often I pen a blog that is shamelessly self-promotional and this is one of those moments. I am thrilled to announce the launch of our latest iteration of the category-changing Modular Diagnostic Station: the ADView 2. It’s an expandable, customizable, and amazingly affordable spot vital signs monitor for blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and SpO2.

9 Essential Questions about Blood Pressure – Answered

Blood pressure is often the first metric tracked when a patient visits a physician’s office or hospital. But what makes blood pressure such a vital marker in one’s overall health picture? We’ve answered nine of your most common questions here.


You Loved the Adscope-Lite 609. The All-New 619 is Even Better.

We know how much our customers have loved the Adscope-Lite 609, because you’ve told us. Every day. But we knew we could make it even better. So we took the 609 – our lightest clinician model and best-selling Adscope overall – and re-engineered it, from product to package. The result is the Adscope-Lite 619.

ADView 2 Promo: Amazing Product, Great Offer

In October, we told you about the launch of our second-generation ADView 2, the clinical-grade, modular diagnostic station that can measure blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and SpO2. Today, we’re back to let you know that seven weeks remain in our limited-time, ADView 2 Choose Your Features/Choose Your Promo deal. Get your choice of Trade-In Cash or a Free Platform with the purchase of a new ADView 2.

The ABC's of IFU's

IFU’s or Instructions for Use, sometimes called Owner’s Manuals or simply Operating Instructions, are everywhere. From the one-page sheet that comes with a new table lamp to the one-pound tome included with your new flat-screen TV, there’s no escaping them. And when you’re talking about medical devices, the importance of reading the IFU’s can't be overstated.

ADC Launches Complete Line of World-Class EENT Instruments

I am very excited to announce the launch of our expanded line of EENT products, also known as physical exam instruments. It is a category we’ve been working on for years. The new line of 3.5V instruments includes Otoscopes, Ophthalmoscopes, a Throat Illuminator, and a Dermascope in a variety of platforms, like portable sets, desk sets, and wall mounted modular systems.