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How to

How to Get an Accurate Temperature Measurement

Accurate temperature measurements start by purchasing the right brand of thermometer. But Virtually all digital stick and most ear (tympanic) thermometers are made in China and sold to domestic firms under dozens of brands. But not all Chinese factories produce quality products, and the vast majority of U.S. “importers” don’t have the facilities to test their products.

One Small Change, One Big Difference

Our 429 Non-Contact Thermometer has been steadily gaining momentum and is now one of ADC's Top 25 products. It’s a terrific instrument that provides fast, accurate temperature readings at the forehead almost instantly. But the original design could be tricky to use, so we made a tiny, but critical, change to that greatly simplifies the measurement process and virtually guarantees an accurate reading first time, every time.  

Which Clinician Scope Is Right for Me?

Our clinician-series Adscopes are our best-selling line of premium stethoscopes. Less bulky than their cardiology cousins, clinician scopes provide a balance of performance, comfort, and price point. ADC manufactures nine different clinician scopes in nearly 100 model options, each tailored to meet various requirements and preferences. Which one is right for you?

Overpumping Can be Hazardous to Your Sphyg's Health

On average, it takes three compressions of a manual sphyg bulb to inflate an adult cuff to 200mmHg, the typical target on most patients. But for smaller cuffs (small adult, child, and infant) it takes far fewer compressions. Care must be used to prevent accidental over-inflation, which can risk patient discomfort or even injury, as well as damage to the manometer.

ADC goes Hollywood

Our website is jam packed with detailed product images, descriptions, and sales materials. Our learning center, including FAQs, walks consumers through product use, care, and maintenance. But nothing matches the helpfulness of a well-planned how-to video, and we’re committed to expanding our video portfolio so all our products are as easy to use as possible.