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Which Clinician Scope Is Right for Me?

Written By: 
Cindy Maley / Product Manager


Our Clinician series Adscopes® are our best-selling line of super premium stethoscopes. Less bulky (and pricey) then their Cardiology cousins, our Clinician scopes provide a brilliant balance of performance, comfort, and price point.

ADC manufactures 9 different Clinician series scopes in nearly 100 model options - each tailored to meet the varied requirements and preferences of the demanding healthcare professional. With MSRP’s from as little as about $25 to less than $75, they redefine value.

ADC Clinician scopes all share a distinctive headset with an internal double leaf tensioning spring, reinforcing yoke and pre-set anatomically correct aural tubes fitted with our Adsoft™ Plus silicon eartips.

The distinctive Clinician headset with an internal double leaf tensioning spring and Adsoft™ Plus eartips.Our MOST affordable Clinician model, the 609 - also called the Clinician-lite - is machined from high grade aluminum alloy throughout. At just 100 grams (3.5 oz) it is the lightest pro-grade scope on the market. Available in 18 colors including our striking frosted series, the 609, with an MSRP under $25 is one of our most popular models, particularly in nursing.

The 612 and 615 series offer our proprietary AFD technology which allows the practitioner to tune the frequency response simply by altering pressure on the diaphragm only chestpiece. The larger surface area of the ovoid shaped 615 series chestpiece provides acoustic response that rivals that of the much pricier Cardiology scopes at a fraction of the price. The 612 series features stainless steel binaurals and a lightweight alloy chestpiece.  With an MSRP of $56 for the 612 and under $75 for the 615 these scopes are without equal.

We offer a number of Pediatric specialty Clinician models including our all stainless steel 604 (pediatric), and 605 (newborn/infant) series; our 614 with AFD technology; and our super popular 618 series Adimals® stethoscope with a kid friendly animal themed chestpiece. With so many different pediatric designs to choose from, we’re sure to have the right scope for the smallest of your patients.

Last, but not least, our best-selling Clinician 603 offers conventional diaphragm/bell design NOW combined with AFD technology for the ultimate in versatility and performance. The 603 boasts all stainless steel construction for rugged durability yet weighs in at just 165 grams. Offered in 22 colors including frosted and metallic tubes, as well as multiple finishes (copper, tactical), we’re sure to have the 603 that’s right for you. And with an MSRP well under $60, it rivals the feature set and performance of competing scopes costing twice as much.


All ADC Clinician scopes feature Adsoft™ Plus eartips for the ultimate in wearing comfort and acoustic seal. All are backed by ADC’s lifetime warranty (5 year on 609 series) which includes comprehensive refurbishment.