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ADC Launches our Next Generation Diagnostic Station: The ADView 2

Written By: 
Marc Blitstein / President & CEO

Every so often I pen a blog that is shamelessly self-promotional and this is one of those moments. I am absolutely thrilled to announce the launch of our latest iteration of the category-changing Modular Diagnostic Station: the ADView 2.


The ADView 2 is an expandable, customizable, feature-rich, and amazingly affordable spot vital signs monitor that can measure blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and SpO2. 

The base unit measures blood pressure and pulse rate. It now has three measurement modes: automatic, averaging, and manual. Automatic mode provides a 30-second non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) using best-in-class technology from SunTech Medical. The new, customizable, averaging mode lets the user select from two to five measurements, a start delay, and an interval between measurements.  Manual mode allows the clinician to measure using the auscultatory (stethoscope) method without changing cuffs. Unlike with the original, the ADView 2 allows the operator to set the inflation level simplifying measurement in manual mode. Another highlight: the new pediatric mode for accurate readings on patients as young as three years old.

The contemporary design of the ADView 2 is self-standing and its built-in handle offers convenient portability. (The original ADView required an optional desk caddy.).

The main unit’s rear panel houses four access ports: one RJ45 (for wired Ethernet), two USBs (to connect a variety of peripherals), and one mini USB to connect a PC and permit advanced configuration options. The unit is powered by a lithium-Ion battery that provides up to 200 charting sessions or 20 hours of continuous use. It’s EMR ready using IHE HL7 protocols.

Like its predecessor, the ADView 2 can be easily upgraded in the field to include thermometry, SpO2, or both.

The state-of-the-art Covidien Filac 3000 thermometer provides oral or axillary readings in as little as four seconds. It uses the same probe covers as our original ADView, and offers an optional rectal probe and well (denoted in red). The new model is C/F switchable with the push of a button, and has a cold start mode to facilitate low temperature measurements.

For the SpO2 module we offer a choice of two options: a ChipOx Nellcor-compatible module or an industry-leading Masimo SET.

We offer three platforms to suit your workflow. The self-standing desktop functionality is built in, but we’ve also designed an optional caddy that helps organize cuffs and cords for added portability. The wall mount platform now includes an oversize cuff storage basket with room for all your accessories and cables.  Our five-caster mobile stand provides the ultimate workflow flexibility.

We also offer a variety of peripherals including a USB thermal printer, barcode scanner, and Wi-Fi dongle. Complimentary ADViewer software (due for release later this year) allows you to print to your network printer or create a digital image of the charting session.

The warranty has been extended from two to three years on the main instrument and modules. MSRP starts at under $800 for the blood pressure base unit – a fraction of the price of competitive models.

ADC’s amazing ADView 2:  Choose the configuration that’s right for you, www.adctoday.com/adview2.