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Which Color Is Right For You?

Written By: 
Ashleigh Pritchard / Creative Department


We've got a new tool to help you select the ADC product that's right for you.

"You can have any color you want so long as it's black," to paraphrase a quote from industrialist Henry Ford. It seems like only yesterday medical instrument colors were equally limited.

Not so today.

ADC's stethoscopessphygsshears, and a number of other core instruments and accessories are produced in a huge selection of colors and finishes, for departmental coding, or simply personal preference.

You can mix-and-match our products in the colors that are just right for you:

  • Institutions can color-code their departments
  • Smaller practices can let each staff member use their own color, or color-code exam rooms, to help identify a lost item
  • Color coordinate your scope, sphyg, and other essential medical instruments in your favorite color

Now, we’ve made it easier to browse our huge color selection. Download the ADC Product Color Matrix from our website to see what’s available.

You can browse by product type or by color. Color families are grouped together to make it easier to find coordinating items across product categories. When you find the right product, click on it’s name to connect to the product page on our website.

Can’t decide which color to choose? Here are a few ideas from the designers in the creative department:

  • Reds, Oranges, and Yellows: These warm colors are vibrant and full of energy! They’ll also be easier to spot under that pile of dirty clothes.
  • Greens and Blues: These colors are most associated with calming and healing. Put your patients at ease with these hues.
  • Purples: Purples are fun and fashionable. Stick to this color family if you want to go against the grain.
  • Neutrals (Gray and Black): Black is the most popular color. Go with black if you want to communicate the highest level of professionalism.
  • Neon colors: Pick a neon color stethoscope and really stand out in a crowded hallway.
  • Metallic colors: Metallic colors are modern and different. Be prepared for colleagues to ask about your new scope.
  • Chestpiece finishes: A number of our scopes come in gold, copper or tactical (all-black) finishes for a truly striking and different appearance.
  • Mixed: Don’t be afraid to combine colors. Get a purple scope and a magenta sphyg… it’s up to you.

We’re always adding new, unique colors and finishes to our product line. What color would you like to see us add next?

Download Color Matrix