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Which Color Is Right for You?

Written By: 
Marc Blitstein / President & CEO

"You can have any color you want so long as it's black," to paraphrase a quote from industrialist Henry Ford. It seems like only yesterday medical instrument colors were equally limited. Not so today.

ADC's stethoscopes, sphygs, shears, and a number of other core instruments and accessories are produced in a huge selection of colors and finishes, useful for departmental coding or even just showcasing your personal style.

Where Can I View Color Options?

Available color options are featured on each product page in the Ordering Information panel. Clicking a color swatch will change the main photo to your selection. We’ve also started rolling out a new “Show All Colors” button that provides a full page of sample thumbnails for every color in the family. This feature is available for all stethoscopes and is being expanded to other product categories.

If you’d like to start your product search by color rather than model, start from the Colors and Print Themes page. Here you’ll find color families and special themes like our Breast Cancer Awareness or Autism Awareness products, as well as our popular finish families, like Rose Gold and all-black Tactical.

What Defines a Color Family?

Color families can, or course, be defined by hue, like red, yellow, and blue, but other characteristics come into play. Many of our Adscope stethoscopes include color options with some extra flair.


A number of Cardiology and Clinician scopes offer a selection of metallic tubing, which has tiny flecks of reflective pearlescent particles embedded to provide a unique and subtle glow.


Our Jewel Collection of Clinician stethoscopes feature gem-inspired tubing with varying degrees of translucency. 

Adscope LE

Our most exclusive stethoscope style is the Adscope LE (limited edition), which features hydrographically printed tubing in diverse patterns. Select models are built with your choice of traditional stainless or all-black tactical metal components.

  • Available Prints: Carbon Fiber, Woodland, Serenity, Midnight Rose, Starry Night, Woodstock, and Leopard
  • Available Models: 603, 608, and 615 

Wondering about available finish styles? Check out: Beyond Silver and Gold: New Metallic Finishes for Every Style and Personality