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Adscope® 657

Digital Electronic Stethoscope

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Color: Black

Size: Adult

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Product Description

The next generation in electronic stethoscopy combining impressive acoustic amplification, electronic noise filtering and comfortable ergonomic design.

The Adscope® 657BK features:

  • Amplifies up to 16x (24db) over traditional acoustic scopes
  • Patented piezopolymer film contact microphone provides wider frequency response than acoustic mics used in competing models
  • Three frequency modes:
    • Bell (15-200Hz) for cardiac sounds
    • Diaphragm (100-500Hz) for lung sounds
    • Extended Range (15-1000Hz) allows the practitioner the widest frequency response
  • 8 level volume control with level change tone
  • Holds last mode and volume setting for convenience
  • Auto-shut off after 3 minutes extends battery life
  • Battery warning LED signals when replacement needed
  • Binaurals fixed at 15º angle for snug aural fit
  • Specially constructed Adsoft™ PVC eartips for the ultimate in wearing comfort and acoustic seal
  • Lightweight and compact – weighs under 6 oz., measures just 28”
  • Uses "AAA" battery (included)
  • Made in Korea
  • 2 year warranty
Power Supply: 1.5v AAA Battery
Electric Current Supply: 20mA (max)
Battery Life: >150 continuous hours
Weight: 6.17 oz. (175g)
Overall Length: 29.1" (74cm)
Frequency: Bell: 15-200Hz
Frequency: Diaphragm: 100-500Hz
Frequency: Wide/Extended Range: 15-1000Hz
Operating Temperature: -4°F-140°F (-20°C-60°C)
Operating Humidity: 20%-90%
Storage Temperature: -4°F-158°F (-20°C-70°C)
Storage Humidity: 15%-95%
Standards: EN 60601-1 (1988) Medical electrical equipment, Part 1: General requirements of safety
Standards: EN 60601-1-2 (1993) Medical electrical equipment, Part 1: General requirements Section 1.2
Standards: Collateral Standard: Electromagnetic Compatibility


Literature Name Download
English Adscope Electronic Scope 657BK - Instructions for use Download
Español ADSCOPE electrónicos 657BK Alcance - Instrucciones de uso Download
Français ADSCOPE électroniques Portée 657BK - Mode d'emploi Download
Deutsch Adscope Elektronische Scope 657BK - Gebrauchsanweisung Download
Italiano ADSCOPE elettroniche Scope 657BK - Istruzioni per l'uso Download
Replacement Parts
Chestpiece N/A
Diaphragm 1 N/A
Diaphragm 2 N/A
Diaphragm 3 N/A
Ret Ring N/A
Non Chill Ring N/A
Binaural//Tubing Assembly N/A
Binaural N/A
Tubing N/A
Eartips Included 1 602-07BK
Eartips Included 2 602-08BK
Eartips Included 3 N/A
Features at a glance:
  • Latex Content

    This products is not made with Natural Rubber Latex

  • ADSOFT PLUS Eartips

    Premium eartips that provide enhanced comfort and acoustic seal.

  • Dry Cell Battery Included

    Alkaline, Carbon Zinc, Lithium, Silver Oxide battery(s) included. See spec tab on product page or IFU for specific battery information.

  • 2 Year Warranty

    Warranty extends to the original retail purchaser, commences with date of delivery and extends for a period of two years.

  • Domestic Content

    Inspected in the USA

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