Adtemp™ Ultra 417

2-Second Digital Thermometer

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Type: Oral/Rectal/Axillary

Speed: 2 sec

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Product Description

The ultra-fast stick-type digital thermometer uses predictive technology for a two-second oral reading.

The Adtemp™ Ultra 417 features:

  • Two-second measurement using proprietary predictive technology
  • Range 95°F - 107.6°F +/-.2°F or 35°C – 42°C +/-.1°C depending upon scale selection
  • Replaceable 3V (2032Li) coin-type battery provides a minimum of 1,000 full-duty measurements
  • Integral scabbard-type carry case
  • Includes five probe sheaths
  • Contemporary Euro design

This product not available for sale in Canada.

Type: Oral/Rectal/Axillary
Technology: Predictive
Scale: Dual (°F/°C)
Range °F: 95.0-107.6
Range °C: 35.0-42.0
Accuracy °F: 0.2
Accuracy °C: 0.1
Response Time Oral: 2 sec
Response Time Rectal: 2 sec
Response Time Axillary: 2 sec
Beeper: Yes
Auto-off: Yes
Memory: Last-reading
Flex Probe: Yes
Needs Sheaths: Yes
Warranty: 2 Year
Battery Type: CR2032
Battery Life: 1000 uses
Latex Content: Latex-free
Packaging: Giftbox
Dimensions: 5”x3/4”x3/8” (12.7cm x 1.905cm x .9525cm)
Weight: 0.49oz (13.9g)
Display: LCD
Operating Environment: 60.8°F-104°F (16°C - 40°C)
Storage Environment: -4°F-122°F (-20°C-50°C)
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Replacement Parts
ADTEMP Digital Sheaths, 50/pkg: 416-50
ADTEMP Digital Sheaths, 100/pkg: 416-100
ADTEMP Digital Sheaths, 1000/pkg: 416-1000
ADTEMP Digital Sheaths, 5000/pkg: 416-5000
Features at a glance:
  • Latex Content

    This products is not made with Natural Rubber Latex

  • Jumbo Display

    Extra large LCD for easier viewing.

  • Flexible Probe

    Flexible probe improves patient safety.

  • Splash Resistant

    Splash resistant to class.

  • 2 Second Measurement

    Temperature reading in about 2 seconds.

  • Audible Alert

    Distinctive beep when temperature measurement is complete, unit powered on/off.

  • Dual Scale

    Temperature readout in EITHER Celsius or Farenheit. Farenheit is default.

  • Last Reading Memory

    Displays results of last measurement.

  • 2 Year Warranty

    Warranty extends to the original retail purchaser, commences with date of delivery and extends for a period of two years.

  • Dry Cell Battery Included

    Alkaline, Carbon Zinc, Lithium, Silver Oxide battery(s) included. See spec tab on product page or IFU for specific battery information.

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