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Sometimes I have a hard time hearing out of my ADC stethoscope. Why?

There are a number of reasons that could happen. One is called the binaural effect. In the binaural effect sound presented to two ears is judged to be louder than the same sound at the same loudness presented to only one. To illustrate this phenomenon, try this experiment. Listen to music though earbuds and remove one from the ear without touching the volume. The perceived volume will drop dramatically.

What are the differences between the Adsoft™ and Adsoft™ Plus eartips?

Older style Adsoft™ eartips are made with PVC and feature integrated threading that will allow them to thread onto Adscope® stethoscopes manufactured before 2014. While comfortable and secure, these eartips can loosen over time and require that the end user perform minimal maintenance in the form of tightening the eartips on their threading.


How do I affix my new Adsoft™ Plus silicon eartips to my Adscope® stethoscope?

This will depend on the age of your Adscope® stethoscope. If your Adscope® was manufactured prior to 2014 and has threaded aural tubes, you will need to affix a special adapter to use the new Adsoft™ Plus fitted silicon eartips.

Can I convert my older, threaded Adsoft™ eartips to the new Adsoft™ Plus snap-on silicon eartips?

Yes! Conversion kits are available that will allow you to affix Adsoft™ Plus eartip adapters on your existing Adscope® stethoscope. Contact our customer service department at 1-800-ADC-2670 for more information about obtaining upgraded eartips for your Adscope® stethoscope.

What does AFD stand for?

AFD stands for Adjustable Frequency Diaphragm technology. Stethoscope models with AFD technology feature a single sided chestpiece that allows adjustment of the frequency by altering pressure to the chestpiece.  Light pressure accentuates lower frequencies, while firm pressure accentuates higher frequencies, simulating the diaphragm and bell sides of a two sided chestpiece.

I am confused – the warranty in my ADSCOPE stethoscope instruction manual indicates that only the metal parts are covered. But on your website it says the entire scope is covered. Which is it?

For many years our official warranty statement excluded tubing and other consumable parts like eartips, diaphragms and rims. In reality, we always provided free repair/replacement of any parts so we decided to formally re-write our warranty policy to be comprehensive. In fact, if you need eartips or other consumables, simply contact our customer service department and we will be happy to send them to you with our compliments. If, while under warranty, your scope needs more extensive repairs in our service department, send it back to us for complimentary refurbishment during service.

Can an internal defibrillator or pacemaker cause static or other interference with our Adscope™ 657?

A pacemaker will not cause interference. Defibrillators may cause some interference, but only at those times that the defibrillator is actively firing.

What makes an ADC stethoscope better than other brands?

Five factors – Performance, Quality, Durability, Warranty, and Value.

  • Performance: According to independent lab tests, ADC PROSCOPE and ADSCOPE stethoscopes perform as well, or better than comparable competitive models. Depending on model, they may include AFD Technology, PVC diaphragm rims and bells, ADSOFT eartips, bi-lumen design internal spring binaurals and convertible chestpieces for unmatched versatility.

How do I select a professional stethoscope?

First and foremost, choose the scope that works best for YOU. Check the fit and comfort; you could be wearing your scope for extended periods of time. Eartips are critical as they are the interface between you and the instrument. Make sure they’re both comfortable and provide a proper seal to optimize sound transmission. ADSOFT eartips, found exclusively in our ADSCOPES provide the ultimate in wearing comfort and acoustic seal. Next, choose a scope that has the features you need within your budget.

Which ADC stethoscope should I purchase?

ADC makes dozens of stethoscopes - from institutional models with a MSRP of about $2.00 to a professional electronic model costing nearly $300. The model you should choose depends on the application and your budget.