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Which Proscope™ is right for You?

Written By: 
Cindy Maley / Product Manager

Proscope™ is the brand for our line of institutional grade stethoscopes – economical diagnostic instruments designed for general exam use.Introduced over a quarter century ago, they remain the best-selling, most recognized brand in the acute care, extended care and student markets.

Proscopes™ are offered in 7 distinct models – 2 completely disposable scopes, a legacy bowles type, single head, adult dual head, pediatric dual head and infant dual head scopes in up to 21 colors for departmental coding or personal preference.

Except for the disposable models, the original Proscopes™ were first offered unassembled in a boxed set, packed 50 per case. They remain, as always, inspected and packaged in the USA.

Over the years, we introduced other packaging options to meet the needs of the market or the retailers serving those consumers.

Retail (blister type) packaging was introduced in the mid 90’s for our single, dual head, pediatric and infant Proscopes™. Designed for uniform and school bookstores, these quickly became the affordable models of choice for the educational market.


Fully assembled models in oversized boxed sets were introduced for the larger high volume institutional consumers. Like the retail pack, these Proscopes™ are inspected, FULLY assembled and packaged in the USA.

We call our newest Proscope™ offering Proscope™ SPU. Produced to our demanding specifications by the same component subcontractors, these specially produced Proscopes™ come fully assembled and packaged offshore to enable the industry’s most aggressive pricing. The new Proscope™ SPUs come in a special non stick polybag for easy dispensing, 10/carton, 50 per case. Available in our most popular color options, Proscope™ SPUs are priced for single patient use, but are durable enough to last much longer making them the ultimate value proposition in today’s cost constrained institutional markets.

Why buy your institutional scope from a general importer of medical supplies when you can get them from the world’s leading manufacturer of core diagnostic instruments?

The ONLY REAL question is which Proscope™ is right for YOU?ADC's Proscopes™ are economical yet durable.