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Which Cardiology Scope Is Right for Me?

Written By: 
Cindy Maley / Product Manager

That's sort of like asking, "Which BMW should I get?"

ADC manufactures 4 different cardiology scopes each tailored to the varied requirements and preferences of the demanding professional. You'll notice we wrote professional and not cardiologist. First, let’s dispel a bit of a misnomer – although the name suggests otherwise, ADC’s cardiology scopes are NOT just for cardiologists. Because they are all remarkably affordable, they're suitable for ANY healthcare professional that wants the very best in an acoustic scope.

ADC Cardiology scopes are easily recognized by their distinctive headset and substantial chest piece.

Cardiology headsets are angled for comfort and have a reinforced Y yoke. The ADC Cardiology stethoscopes have a precision-machined combination chestpiece for unsurpassed sensitivity to low- and high- frequency sounds.

Our MOST affordable model, the 606, is machined from high grade aluminum alloy throughout. It’s the only Cardiology scope completely machined from this ultra-lightweight, yet durable metal. This allowed us to trim the scope's weight to an incredible 130 grams - more than 40% less than our 601 series. In fact, it weighs about the same as our best selling 603 Clinician series. By using our traditional diaphragm, we're able to keep the 606 MSRP to well under $100. The 606 was developed for professionals that wanted a cardiology design without the weight and expense. Nurses have shown a particular affinity to its comfort and striking color options.

Our original Cardiology Scope, the 602 is a traditional design that utilizes stainless steel construction throughout. With an MSRP of about $107, it’s an affordable workhorse that will absolutely last a lifetime. And we guarantee it.

Our best selling 601 Convertible Cardiology model is for those that require the additional versatility provided by its convertible chest piece. The traditional bell can be swapped out for a pediatric diaphragm. Both adult and pediatric diaphragms feature our AFD technology for wider frequency response. Stainless steel construction throughout increases the scope's weight to 215 grams, which can be heavy for some. Although originally designed for cardiology, its rugged durability, unsurpassed acoustic performance, and versatility have made it popular with ER physicians, medical students, and EMT’s. The 601 carries an MSRP under $135.

The top-of-the line platinum 600 series features a sculpted chest piece with AFD Technology. Without the complex valve stem of traditional two sided chest pieces, acoustic leakage is virtually eliminated making it the instrument of choice for listening to subtle heart and lung sounds. Most popular with cardiologists and respiratory therapists, the stainless steel 600 weighs in at just under 175 grams and carries an MSRP under $150.

All ADC Cardiology scopes feature ADSOFT eartips for the ultimate in wearing comfort and acoustic seal. All are backed by ADC’s lifetime warranty which includes comprehensive refurbishment.