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Warranty Registration, Now Faster and Easier!

Written By: 
Marc Blitstein / President & CEO
ADC provides some of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. Many of our core diagnostic instruments are covered for life.
Our warranties enhance the value proposition of our brands and protect your investment.  And, as we celebrate our 37th year in business, you can be pretty confident that we’ll be around to provide any service that’s needed – in or out of warranty.
But to use this invaluable benefit, we ask that you first register your purchase online. It surprises me how few customers actually do this. I’m not sure if this stems from concerns about privacy, not being aware of the registration requirement, or that the registration process itself is unnecessarily cumbersome.
Let me address two of those issues. 
First, we will never monetize, sell, or share our customers’ personal information in any way. We do ask during the registration process if you want to receive future information on new ADC products or related accessories, but if you answer no you’ll never hear from us again.
And even if you agree, you’ll only hear from ADC – never from another firm who purchased our database. Because we simply won’t sell it.
Just as important, to make registering your product as easy as it can be, we’ve added a cool technology update: QR codes on our product labels. Simply point your smart phone or tablet camera at the QR code (that funny looking square pattern) that now appears on many of our product labels and it will automatically launch our warranty registration page. (Most newer devices have QR software built in. For older phones or tablets, you may have to install a code reader app.)
The registration page that launches will be preloaded with the product number, item description, and lot number (and in some cases, serial number) of your purchase. All you need to add is your name, address, and date and place of purchase and – voila! – your product is registered.  
It couldn’t be easier or faster. Expect to see this feature on many ADC products in the months to come.