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Two New Ways to Shop Smarter

Written By: 
Carole Vande Velde / Director of Marketing

At ADC, our commitment to feature-rich products isn’t just about what we sell, it also defines our approach to service and support. That’s why we’re always working to improve the ADC experience – before, during, and after your purchase. To that end, we’ve launched two new features on our website that we think you’ll find helpful: MSRP pricing and an expanded list of design themes.

Shop by Price


Let’s face it, most of us pay attention to the price of a product. Whether we’re working within a budget or looking to buy the best in class, we still want to know we received a fair price – a price that reflects the value of the product and service we received.

If you’re a student looking to spend about $50 for your first stethoscope, you probably don’t want to waste your time looking at scopes at the high and low ends of the pricing spectrum. And if you’re an established cardiologist looking to buy the best in class, you want to make sure the price you’re paying for that top-of-the-line scope makes sense.


That’s why we’ve added the MSRP for most of our core diagnostic instruments to the product pages on our website. Remember, MSRP is our suggested retail price for the product and in most cases, not the price you will pay. Typically you’ll end up paying something less – sometimes a whole lot less – depending on the retailer’s buying power, service enhancements, and markups. But by publishing the MSRP, we can help you find the ADC product that’s right for you.


Shop by Style


Because many of our products are core diagnostic instruments used – and worn – daily, they can be a reflection of your personality. Our quality speaks to your professionalism, our value to your sensibility. But the look of the product itself may reflect your personal style, and even allow others a small peak into your soul.


To make it easier to shop by style, we’ve added the option to browse products by what we call themes. Themes are unrelated products grouped by their appearance.


Right now we have 10 themes:


  • Adimals are pediatric themed products for your pediatric patients or the child in all of us.
  • Hearts and Ribbons and related pink products can show your support (financial and spiritual) for breast cancer awareness
  • Puzzle Pieces show your support for autism awareness
  • Tactical items are cool, virtually all-black products
  • Plus we offer six more Color Families -- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet, some with additional filtering.

For more information, visit http://www.adctoday.com/products/Themed-Products, or choose Products, Themed Products from the menu on any ADC web page.