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Our Best Stethoscopes for Nurses

Written By: 
Marc Blitstein / President & CEO

“Nursing” covers a pretty wide range of professional specialties, from nursing aides to LPNs, and RNs with varying levels of educational requirements and clinical demands. With so much professional diversity, finding the right stethoscope for the job can be a daunting challenge.

We recommend you start your search by choosing the ADC Adscope brand. Our line offers more than a dozen distinct professional models with hundreds of model options. All professional models share some important features:

  • All are backed by our Lifetime Warranty, which includes Free Parts Forever.
  • All feature binaurals fixed at a 15° angle to maximize comfort and acoustic seal.
  • All are built with Adsoft Plus snap-on silicone eartips for wearing comfort and acoustic seal.
  • All are manufactured without phthalates or natural rubber latex.
  • All are individually acoustic tested in the USA to ensure a reliable aural pathway – something no other major manufacturer does.
  • And nearly all are assembled, inspected and packaged in the USA.

But which model to choose? Below are some variables to consider.

How will you be using your stethoscope?

Blood Pressure Measurement

If you’ll be using your scope mostly for blood pressure measurement, we suggest:

These scopes range in price from about $33 to $66. And that’s MSRP, so you’ll likely find them offered for a bit less. (If that’s more than your budget allows, check out our Adscope 641 line, featuring the venerable Sprague design and a retail price around $21.)

Monitoring and Assessment

If you’ll be using your scope for a wider range of monitoring and assessment, but don’t have a top-of-the-line budget, consider:

Ranging in price from about $66 to $85, all four offer outstanding performance, relatively lightweight design, and unmatched affordability.


If you will be making diagnoses and have a bit more to spend, consider stepping up to our Cardiology Series. 

  • The Adscope 606 Ultra-Lite Cardiology is the lightest weight cardiology scope on the market – a mere 130 grams – and weights less than most of our clinician models. And, at $99.99 it’s a relative steal.  
  • The Adscope 601 Convertible Cardiology has a bit more heft, along with a chestpiece that goes from a bell and diaphragm to an adult/pediatric configuration in seconds. Or consider the Adscope 600 Platinum Cardiology with its sculpted, single-sided chestpiece for exceptional sound. With MSRPs under $150 and a lifetime warranty to back up the investment, they’re two of the best acoustic scopes money can buy.
  • If you need even more muscle, consider the Adscope 658 Electronic stethoscope. The 658 offers a noise-filtering contact microphone that amplifies sounds up to 18X (24dB).
With MSRPs from about $112 to $300 these are among the best performing scopes money can buy.

What type of patients do you see?

Pediatric Patients

Adult and Pediatric Patients

Work with adult and pediatric patients? Our convertible scopes give you the flexibility you’ll need by allowing you to quickly and easily convert the adult bell to a pediatric diaphragm.

Is there a design or style preference that’s important to you?

Single-sided Chestpiece

Many nurses prefer an ergonomic single-sided chestpiece design. We offer five 5 models with this styling (which we call a Platinum design):


  • Want something really light in weight? At about 105 grams, our Adscope 619 is the lightest clinician scope on the market.
  • Or upgrade to the Adscope 606, the lightest Cardiology scope on the market at just 130 grams.

Both scopes featured aluminum alloy construction to keep the weight down without sacrificing performance.

Unparalleled Style

Are you looking for a way to show your style in a sea of monochrome scrubs? Looking for something truly unique? We have that, too!

  • Check out our Adscope LE line of limited-edition, hydrographically printed stethoscopes scopes, which combine ADC performance and knock-out style. LE prints are available on three Adscope clinician models, the 603, 608, and 615. Priced from about $80 to $115.
  • The Jewel Collection is a set of five sleek, gem-inspired tubing colors with varying degrees of translucency. Available in Amethyst, Blue Diamond, Rose Quartz, Sea Glass, and Sapphire Ice, the colors are crisp but subtle, and allow an inner glimpse of scope component typically hidden from view. Available on Adscope models 603, 608, 615, and 619.
  • Need to break the ice with your younger patients? With seven interchangeable animal faces, our wildly popular Adimals 618 Pediatric scope will melt hearts and help you stand out from the crowd.

We hope this overview gets you closer to finding the ADC stethoscope that’s right for you! If you’d like to see how different scopes stack up side by side, check out our online comparison tool. Go to www.adctoday.com/products/stethoscopes, select up to four scopes, and click Compare.