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Hidden Gems: The Jewel Collection

Written By: 
Marc Blitstein / President & CEO
Stethoscopes – one of the most widely used tools in healthcare – have become more than a symbol of the medical profession, they’ve become a fashion statement. With many facilities providing strict guidance on uniform colors and scrub styles, the scope is one of the few ways you can accessorize and express your individuality.
ADC has long offered a sizeable collection of gorgeous colors and finishes across multiple stethoscope lines. We also recently launched the Adscope LE, a set of specially curated, limited-edition hydrographic print designs that really make a statement.  
But sometimes you might be feeling a little more subtle. For those moments, we recommend the Jewel Collection, our line of translucent, gem-inspired Clinician scopes in five distinct colors: Blue Diamond, Rose Quartz, Sapphire Ice, Sea Glass, and Amethyst.
The striking tubing of our Jewel Collection offers differing levels of clarity, allowing an inner glimpse of scope components typically hidden from view. They’re not just conversation starters, they’re rare, like their gemstone namesakes, making it easier to identify as your own.
You’ll find our Jewel Collection available on four Adscope models: the best-selling 603 Clinician, the sleek 615 Platinum Clinician, the incredibly versatile 608 Convertible Clinician, and the 609 Ultra-lite Clinician. Priced from around $25 to $80. Which one is right for you?