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Best of 2017: Our 10 Most Popular Web Pages

Written By: 
Carole Vande Velde / Director of Marketing

We’re pretty proud of our website, and work hard to keep the content up to date and the features world class. We have more than 350 principal content pages, and that number skyrockets to several thousand when you factor in variations on product pages (for things like colors or sizes, for example). We love hearing from existing and potential customers and other visitors about what they find especially useful, because our site offers not just product information but blogs like this, historical information on medical devices and procedures, and how-to articles and videos. With the new year underway, we thought we’d take a look back at our 10 most-visited pages from 2017. 

10. Intro to Your Stethoscope

Coming in at #10 is a popular blog titled,” Intro to Your Stethoscope.” Though to be more accurate, it’s really an introduction to using your scope for the first time. Most of our scopes and all of our professional models come with detailed instructions for use, but visitors, especially new medical students, appreciate the more personal tutorial on how to use and wear a scope.


9. History of the Sphygmomanometer 

Our Learning Center is a section of the website with some of our favorite advice, fun facts, and continuing education resources. “The History of the Sphygmomanometer” page describes the development of this device, from the earliest discoveries in ancient China to major milestones in 1881 and 1905, when Dr. Nikolai Korotkoff developed “modern” blood pressure measurement techniques and tools.


8. How to Take Temperature 

Temperature is one of the most universal measures of health, but many people aren’t familiar with the factors that affect accuracy. This Learning Center article discusses the importance of choosing the right measurement site and describes how “normal” temperature ranges differ across different parts of the body.


7. History of the Stethoscope 

Imagine your doctor pressing an ear directly on your chest to hear your heartbeat and you’ll have a sense of what an appointment looked like before the invention of the stethoscope. “The History of the Stethoscope” is another Learning Center favorite, especially among students, detailing the background of the most iconic device used in medicine today.


6. Products: EENT 

Our sixth most popular page in 2017 is one of three that covers a specific product family, in this case our EENT line. ADC offers EENT and physical-exam instruments in 2.5V and 3.5V styles, with portable, pocket, desk, and wall models that match virtually any budget or clinical setting. With our new PMV otoscope head, new color variations in our 2.5V line, and significant enhancements to our Adstation line in 2017, we’re not at all surprised to see how popular this page has been!


5. Products 

Our main product page is for people who like to start at the beginning. From here you can explore the complete ADC catalog by category, such as stethoscopes, blood pressure, and instruments, or by more stylized product groups like new products, featured products, and color themes.


4. Intro to Blood Pressure 

Another blog to make the Top 10, “Intro to Blood Pressure” offers the what, why, and how of this critical measurement. The blog discusses proper techniques and defines important terms, like Korotkoff sounds, auscultatory vs. oscillometric, and hypertension.


3. How to Take Blood Pressure 

Our Learning Center article, “How to Take Blood Pressure,” has made the most-read list since it first appeared on our site. The tips and techniques are of critical importance for anyone who’s charged with taking this measurement, whether new students learning for the first time, seasoned practitioners, or consumers who are monitoring at home. The article discusses patient positioning, application of the cuff, inflation and deflation, positioning the stethoscope, and factors affecting measurement.


2. Products: Stethoscopes 

ADC produces more stethoscopes than any other U.S. firm. So it’s no surprise that our second most visited page in 2017 was the one that links to everything we offer in this product category. From our new Adscope 658 electronic scope to our Cardiology and Clinician series, from teaching models to pediatric scopes to Spragues and institutional styes, you’ll find it all on this page.


1. Products: Blood Pressure Measurement 

Topping the list is our blood pressure products page. From here, visitors can browse, research, and compare our comprehensive catalog of professional and home instruments, including our ADView 2, e-sphygh, Diagnostix, Prosphyg, and Pro’s Combo lines.