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Two New Ways to Shop Smarter

At ADC, our commitment to feature-rich products isn’t just about what we sell, it also defines our approach to service and support. That’s why we’re always working to improve the ADC experience – before, during, and after your purchase. To that end, we’ve launched two new features on our website that we think you’ll find helpful: MSRP pricing and expanded design themes.

A Cup of Tea (or Three) a Day, Keeps Hypertension Away

Two recent meta-analysis studies, one in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology and one in the International Journal of Cardiology, examined the correlation between green and black tea consumption and lower blood pressure values, finding not just a strong association but suggesting that higher consumption levels produced increasingly greater health benefits.

Importing Is Easy. Importing Quality Is Difficult

ADC has been globally sourcing the world’s finest medical device components for more than 30 years. When we started there was something of a mystique to importing. It was a big scary world and few understood how to import or had the skills necessary to successfully traverse the globe. In the ensuing decades, a lot has changed, and there are good and bad sides to these megatrends.

The Other Special Cause Observed in October

We recently blogged about Breast Cancer Awareness Month, perhaps the best known health-related cause celebrated each year. But there’s a second outstanding cause in October – one far less well known, but just as important: National Disabilities Employment Awareness Month. Our participation in this cause is much more personal and began more than a quarter century ago.

Our Biggest Catalog Yet

We’re pleased to announce the publication of Catalog 123. Our full line, 156-page book features hundreds of new items plus the thousands of ADC products that have become industry standards for quality and value. Authorized dealers receive a copy in the mail, but anyone can download a digital PDF copy. What better way to keep it handy wherever you are?

The ADA: A Silver Anniversary We Should All Celebrate

July 26 marks the silver anniversary of the ADA, designed to ensure equal access, accommodation, and opportunities for individuals with disabilities. While we’re not a huge fan of regulation, as it often leads to over-regulation, we do believe it is a moral imperative to remove physical or other barriers to those with disabilities, in work and in life.

April is Autism Awareness Month

April is recognized the world over as Autism Awareness Month, a special opportunity to educate the public about autism and important issues within the autism community. In 2014, ADC developed a line of professional grade aneroid sphygmomanometers featuring puzzle pieces, the globally recognized symbol of autism, and partnered with the Ernie’s Els Foundation for Autism.

ADC goes Hollywood

Our website is jam packed with detailed product images, descriptions, and sales materials. Our learning center, including FAQs, walks consumers through product use, care, and maintenance. But nothing matches the helpfulness of a well-planned how-to video, and we’re committed to expanding our video portfolio so all our products are as easy to use as possible.

Happy New Year.

Each year I lament about the speed with which the calendar flies by and 2014 was no different. But 2014 was also one of the most productive since we’ve had since founding ADC more than 30 years ago. We promised lots of new products and delivered on that commitment in record-breaking fashion, rolling out nearly 900 new products, a 50% increase in our portfolio.

Three Ways to Create Your Perfect Diagnostic Station

At ADC we realize choosing the proper diagnostic instruments can be challenging. As a professional, you understand what you need to do your job effectively, but with more than 700 model options in our EENT catalog, the browsing experience can sometimes be confusing. Our goal was to greatly simplify the process. Our new online builder tools do just that!