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Three Ways to Create Your Perfect Diagnostic Station

Written By: 
Nick Selvaggio / IT Director


At ADC we realize choosing the proper diagnostic instrument for your needs can be challenging. As a professional, you understand what you need to do your job effectively but up until now selecting the EENT instruments best suited to your requirements from the hundreds of model options available was difficult at best.

Whether you are a student purchasing your first portable diagnostic set or a facility equipping an entire floor with wall systems, we’ve got the instrument configuration you need. But with over 700 model options we knew we had to find a way to make the browsing experience less confusing.

Our goal was to greatly simplify the process. Our new online tools do just that!

Browse. Build. Lookup.


We thought about how you shop. For the more experienced professional who knows exactly what they want, a traditional web browsing experience would suffice. So we started with that. To start browsing, click the link below:

Browse EENT Products


For those that need a little more guidance we created our revolutionary interactive Diagnostix™ builder. We call it the Adbuilder™. An industry first, we modeled the tool after the online car builders most of us have used. The Adbuilder™ is an online tool that lets you quickly build the instrument you need. Explore options, specifications and even the MSRP while visually constructing the final product. Choose your platform, instrument head, lamping and accessories with just a couple of mouse clicks. Save, print and share your selection. Whether you’re an ADC distributor or healthcare professional, we’re sure you’ll find our builder an indispensable tool in the selection of your 3.5v EENT instrument.

Check out our builder today at the link below:

Build Your Modular Diagnostic Station

Look Up

In addition, we wanted to make it easier for customers to better understand how our EENT line stacks up against competitive offerings. Our interactive cross reference engine allows you to enter a competitor model number to look up which ADC product(s) is/are comparable. Check out our cross reference engine at the link below:

Look Up EENT Products by Cross Reference

We are always looking for ways to innovate and improve. Please feel free to reach out to our web team with any suggestions.

Happy Shopping!