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Care and Maintenance

To have the best experience with your ADC ophthalmoscope, proper care and maintenance are critical. The points below will ensure that your ophthalmoscope gives you years of dependable service.

  • You should periodically check the condition of both of the batteries in your ophthalmoscope, making sure there is no sign of corrosion or oxidation. Always replace both batteries when changing them. We recommend only alkaline batteries for your battery handles. If you will not be using your ophthalmoscope for an extended period of time, remove the batteries and store it within its protective case.
  • To clean the exterior of your ophthalmoscope, prepare a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution and soak a lint-free cloth. Wipe down the exterior of the ophthalmoscope head and handle, cleaning all external surface areas. Care should be taken to prevent excess liquid from seeping into the components.
  • Isopropyl alcohol may be substituted with commonly used, EPA-registered hospital disinfectant wipes for cleaning purposes if desired. Please refer to the directions provided by the manufacturer of the wipes for appropriate instructions for use to ensure effective contact time between the wipe and the device. It is important to note that solution residue on the magnifying lenses may decrease device performance. All excess cleaning fluids must be carefully wiped clean if these surfaces are cleaned. The lenses of the instrument head may be cleaned with a lint-free cloth or lens paper.