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Manometer Certification

In some cases, our customers require a little more assurance about the accuracy of a particular manometer or manometers. Although all of our manometers are tested and visually inspected for zero point and other accuracy concerns, we recognize that in some cases these devices must be used for special purposes as references. To better meet your needs, we have developed our manometer certification program.

Our program provides you with an extra layer of assurance that your device will be suitable for your needs. With this program, we provide a certificate of calibration that fully details the condition of your manometer, including such information as:

  • The model and serial number of your manometer for traceability.
  • The parameters of certification including ambient temperature and humidity during the test process.
  • The accuracy of your manometer at specific test points at both ascending and descending pressures.
  • The date of certification and expiration date when you will need your manometer retested.

All tests are conducted in our Hauppauge, New York facility using calibrated reference devices traceable to NIST standards. If your manometer is found to be out of calibration we will recalibrate and retest it as part of this process.

In order to obtain certification, please contact our customer service department at 1-800-ADC-2670 to obtain details about where to send your device and the fees associated with the certificates. Please note that fees are assessed on a per unit basis and that this service is not part of our normal warranty, repair, and recalibration services that are provided free of charge.

It is important to note that this service is available for aneroid manometers, but due to the ease of unauthorized field tampering, we cannot guarantee accuracy of these devices once they leave our facility. We, therefore, do not recommend certification for aneroid instruments.