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Which ADC Aneroid Is Right for Me?

Written By: 
Cindy Maley / Product Manager

Unlike choosing a stethoscope where the selection often comes down to personal preference and budget, aneroid sphygs are produced in vastly different designs for fairly specific applications.

Let’s start by identifying the three basic aneroid designs – pocket, palm and clock. These descriptions refer to the gauge portion of the instrument.

Pocket sphygs

Generally, the least expensive and most popular. Pocket designs are the most compact and portable – hence the nickname pocket. They are purchased by students, nurses, physicians, hospitals, nursing homes and EMTs. Quality pocket aneroids typically carry an MSRP from about $30 to $225.

An ADC 703 palm aneroid sphygmomanometer unit.An ADC palm aneroid sphygmomanometer unit.

Palm sphygs

Most commonly used in multicuff solutions and thus popular in EMS, and clinics – settings that treat patients of different ages and sizes thereby needing rapid access to the appropriate cuff. In the palm design, the bulb and valve are integrated into the gauge for one-hand convenience and easier connection to a different cuff. Depending on the configuration, quality palm models can cost about $95 (for a single cuff model) to over $250 (for a five cuff solution).

An ADC 750D clock aneroid sphygmomanometer unit.An ADC clock aneroid sphygmomanometer unit.

Clock-style aneroids

Typically found in physician offices, hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. The larger gauge (typically a 6” dial) is designed for viewing from a distance. They can be wall mounted, desk top, or mounted on roll stands for mobility. MSRP varies from about $125 for a quality wall model to about $400 for the mobile design.

Because pocket-style aneroids are the most popular, they are often produced at multiple price points with different feature sets and warranties to meet budgetary constraints. We recommend you purchase the best instrument you can afford.



Choosing Your Pocket Aneroid

An ADC 700 pocket aneroid sphygmomanometer unit.An ADC pocket aneroid sphygmomanometer unit.

Top-of-the-line models typically offer enhanced gauge features such as premium chrome plating, extended scale plates to eliminate parallax, and luminescent dials for easier viewing. The cuffs typically feature extensive marking systems to assist in placement and prevent mis-cuffing. They should conform to AAMI and AHA sizing guidelines. Valves are often oversized for improved ergonomics and feature filter screen protection. Lifetime calibration warranties are typically provided. They can run $65 to over $200. These are most popular with individual buyers, and with minimal care and maintenance, may be the only instrument they’ll ever need to purchase.

Mid-priced units typically have a gauge with a more traditional enamel finish and fewer, if any, advanced features. The cuffs typically feature extensive marking systems to assist in placement and prevent mis-cuffing. They should conform to AAMI and AHA sizing guidelines. Valves are often oversized for improved ergonomics and feature filter screen protection. Lifetime calibration warranties are typically provided. MSRP is generally $50 to $100. Popular with individual buyers looking to spend a bit less.

Entry level instruments typically cut back further on the enhanced gauge features. Cuffs may be less extensively marked. The standard size valves generally don’t include filter protection. Calibration Warranties are generally 10 to 20 years. MSRP is generally about $30. Purchased primarily by institutional customers that tend to purchase in large quantities, or by individual caregivers that don’t expect to use the devices extensively, and don’t need all of the whistles and bells of the better instruments.

ADC manufactures dozens of models in hundreds of model options for every segment of the healthcare market with MSRP’s from about $25 to nearly $400.



Recommended Models
Ambulance Services 700703705GPK720731732740750W7607687787887002768-670
Anesthesiologist 700703720768778788768-670
Blood Bank 700703705GPK720768778788768-670
Cardiologist 700703720768778788768-670
Clinic 700703705PMK720731732740750D750W752M768778788922932952972768-670
Dentist 700703720750D750W752M768778788768-670
Emergency Physician 700703705GPK7207317327407687787887002768-670
EMT/EMS 7007037207317327407607687757787887002728-609768-641768-670769-641778-603788-641
Family Practitioner 700703705PMK705GPK720731732740750D750W752M7687787887002768-670
Fire Department 700703705GPK7207317327407607687757787887002728-609768-641768-670769-641778-603788-641
Homecare 780785790600560126015602160226023
Hospital 700703705GPK720750D750W752M76076877077577878870029002768-670
Industrial Medicine 700703705GPK720731732740750D750W752M7607687707757787889002768-670
Internist 700703720768778788768-670
Lab Technician no recommended models
Medical Assistant (PA) 7007037207687787887002768-670
Medical Student 7007037207687787887002768-670
Neurologist 700703720768778788768-670
Nurse 7007037207687787887002768-670
Nurse Practicioner 7007037207687787887002768-670
Nursing Home 700703720750D750W752M76076877077577878870029002768-670
Nursing Student 7007037207687787887002768-670
Orthopedist 700703720768778788768-670
Other Institution 70070372076877878870029002768-670
Other Specialty 70070372076877878870029002768-670
Pediatrician 700703705PMK720768778788768-670
Physical Therapist 700703720768778788768-670
Physician 700703705PMK705GPK720750D750W752M76877878892293295297270029002768-670
Physician Assistant 7007037207687787887002768-670
Rehabilitation/Occupational Therapist 700703720768778788768-670
Respiratory Specialist 700703720768778788768-670
School Nurse/First Aid 70070372076877878870029002768-670
Teacher/Professor/Instructor 7007037207687787887002768-670
Veterinarian 700703720
*Bold selections are the most popular.
**Click on the model number to go to that sphyg's page


If you want.....

....then look at these models
Top of the Line 700703750D750W752M7002
Luminescent Dial 700703750D750W752M
Palm Type 703705PMK705GPK731732740
With Adcuff™ 700703705PMK705GPK7207317327407607002
With Adflow™ Valve 700720750D750W752M7002
Pro's Combo Kit (with scope) 728-609768-641768-670769-641778-603788-641
Digital Aneroid 7002
Lifetime Calibration Warranty 700703720750D750W752M7002
Multi Cuff Kit 731732740