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We’ve doubled down on the USA.

Written By: 
Marc Blitstein / President & CEO

ADC proudly inspects, assembles, and packages its product right here in the USA.

Unlike most of the firms selling core diagnostic instruments, ADC globally sources BUT domestically assembles OUR products right here in our NY facility. For over quarter of a century, our Diagnostix™ and Prosphyg™ brands of professional sphygmomanometers and our Proscope™ line of stethoscopes were inspected, assembled and packaged in the USA.

While our competitors—even the so called domestic manufacturers—moved more and more of their production offshore, (or never brought it in) ADC remained committed to domestic production. And to that end we’ve relocated the final assembly of nearly 700 products to the USA. Those products include:

---Most of our ADSCOPE® pro-grade Stethoscopes—600, 601, 602, 603, 604, 605, 606, 612, 614 and 615 series are now fully inspected, assembled, and packaged RIGHT here in the USA. 

---Our entire line of Diagnostix™ and Proscope™ brand EENT instruments—over 600 model options are now inspected, assembled and packaged in the USA.

To meet these manufacturing requirements we increased our production department staffing by nearly 25%.

Domestic assembly allows us to better control quality while meeting customer demand spikes at remarkably competitive prices. And do so while remaining committed to our core values.

We don’t call ourselves AMERICAN Diagnostic Corporation for nothing!