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A More Complete Product Picture

Written By: 
Marc Blitstein / President & CEO

We’ve added a number of views on many of our web product pages to provide customers and resellers a more complete product “picture.”

Packaging views: Packaging is an important part of product design and ultimately the customer experience. ADC packaging is carefully engineered to protect the contents during transport and storage.  For many of our products we offer both standard and display packaging. For basic instruments, standard packaging is typically a simple polybag. More complex and high-value diagnostic instruments tend to have more upscale packaging, like custom, color boxes. In some cases, optional display packaging is also available, typically as a blister-type package that enhances product display for our retailers with traditional showrooms.  Many ADC product pages now have packaging views to allow you to see the standard, and if available, optional display packaging offered. This will help our resellers plan their space and merchandising requirements and ensure consumers can more easily identify authentic ADC products.

Adscope fashion view: How the Adscope Stethoscope “wears” can be an important part of the purchase decision. To aid in that effort, we’ve provided an image of each Adscope draped around a practitioner’s neck in the preferred wearing style. Because each Adscope model may have many finish and color options (often a dozen or more) we’ve elected to illustrate just one from each series.  Keep that in mind when using these images to help visualize your selection.   

We’ll continue adding views to our products pages to provide a more complete visual experience. Is there a perspective that you’d find helpful in choosing your next ADC product? We would love to hear from you!