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Written By: 
Marc Blitstein / President & CEO

ADC is best known for our professional medical instruments -  from our best in class Adscope stethoscopes and market leading Diagnostix aneroid sphygs to our legendary Medicut shears, Adtemp digital thermometers, esphyg and Adview monitors and Adstation EENT instruments. 

Less well known -  we also produce an array of products designed for the health-conscious consumer – including thermometers, home blood pressure monitors and even a finger-tip pulse oximeter. 

I am excited to announce the launch of our first ever connected instrument – the Advantage 6024N digital upper arm home blood pressure monitor.  Over a year in development, the monitor benefits from our nearly 4 decades of leadership and experience in the manufacture of core diagnostic instruments.  This is the first product in our new ADC @ Home division.  We will roll out a host of products into this family of home health related products – some connected, others not.  

The advantage 6024N was designed to appeal to individuals who have been instructed to monitor their blood pressure at home or who proactively want to improve their heart health. 

The monitor itself boasts the features that our decades of experience have determined are essential to accurate measurement, ease and comfort.   The new 6024N QUIETLY measures on inflate rather than traditional measurement during deflation.  Measurement during inflation speeds up the process a bit, but more importantly, is far more comfortable.  And increased comfort translates into readings that more closely reflect a person’s true resting blood pressure.  One button measurement simplifies operation and the 3 second start delay allows the operator time to get into the proper measurement position to ensure the most accurate readings possible.   Wide range D-Bar type self-cinching cuff with ADC’s proprietary Size guide marking system facilitates proper positioning of the upper arm cuff and fits more people.  Built-in irregular heart beat detection (IHB) provides extra insights into a person’s health.  Two user 99 reading onboard memory with date/time stamp is convenient IF you prefer to use this as a standalone instrument.  But, perhaps the most important feature (other than its connectivity) – one not found on most of the competitive models on the market at this price point - is our average mode (MAM) setting.  MAM, when selected, takes three readings 15 seconds apart and averages them.  MAM tends to minimize the kind of reading volatility often experienced with devices that that take just one measurement and aligns with the National Institute of Health recommendations for BP measurement. 

Our new app, Advantage Connect, allows you to store, view and share your blood pressure reading using your phone or tablet via bluetooth.  Compatible with both IOS (Apple) and android  devices– the apps are free and can be downloaded from Apple App or Google Play stores.   

We’ve designed the app for simplicity, reliability and utility – especially for those less comfortable with technology.  Connecting for the first time is easy.  We’ve provided the most requested functionality on the app including a dashboard with the last reading that includes a comparison to your running average along with a color-coded assessment based on AHA’s guidelines.  A second “tile” connects to a list of historical readings and a third tile provides a link to graphic display for trending.  The graph can display your historical readings by week, last 30 days, last 365 or all readings.  The app can filter readings by am/pm for more meaningful insight into your heart health. The app allows you to share your readings with your healthcare provider or caregiver.  We include a built-in alarm feature that you can set to remind you to take your blood pressure and other daily recurring activities, like taking meds.  Within the app you can access the operating instructions, a quick start guide, FAQ and even register the product to receive 5 years of warranty coverage.  Links to instructional videos are being developed and will be accessible within the app as well. 

Forgot to open the app during measurement?  Not to worry.  One of the most valuable and unique features is our app’s ability to sync later.   With most other connected bp monitors, you must have the app open and connected to the device when you take the reading.  If you forget to do that the reading will need to be manually entered.  With ours, the monitor will hold up to 99 readings.  The next time you sync the monitor with your phone it will transmit any readings not previously transmitted.  

With an MSRP of $79.99 – and a real world price under $68 – the Advantage 6024N is remarkably affordable.  

Summary of device main features

  • Measurement on inflate for comfort
  • 2 user 99 reading onboard memory
  • IHB detection
  • MAM (3 reading avg)
  • Wide range d-bar self cinching cuff.
  • Ability to use the device with or without the app.

Summary of app main features

  • Easy to set up and connect
  • Unlimited reading memory
  • Comparison to rolling average and AHA color coded reading guidelines
  • Reminder
  • Onboard IFU, FAQ and registration
  • Sync later capability so readings are never missed.
  • Ability to store readings for two users or have two users store their readings separately.

Available now for Android!

Available now for iOS!