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Stethoscopes: The Value of a Comprehensive Warranty

Warranties are a key component of a product’s value, and ADC has some of the most comprehensive in the industry. Nearly all models in our Adscope Cardiology and Clinician lines offer lifetime warranties, which translates to a lifetime of savings on parts, repairs, and refurbishment.

Don’t be fooled by low (or high) prices

Although the average price of core diagnostic products is relatively low, you still want to make sure you get your money’s worth. We’ve all learned some hard lessons about buying cheap; yet choosing the highest-priced option isn’t always the solution, either.  We offer some tips to help you make a truly informed purchase decision.

Why A Longer Warranty Doesn’t Always Mean Much

Warranty coverage can, and should, be an important consideration when making a purchase decision, particularly on bigger-ticket items where replacement costs are relatively high. But, buyers beware: a warranty isn’t always worth the paper it’s written on. First and foremost, you need to know a little something about the company issuing the warranty.