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If It Sounds Too Good to Be True, It’s Probably an Adscope

Unlike some of our competitors, we believe that performance still trumps aesthetics when it comes to a pro-grade stethoscope (well, any stethoscope for that matter). While we get how important style and personalization have become, a stethoscope’s true worth is based on its acoustic capabilities and build quality -- and not on a clever name for a royal blue tube.

Check the Calibration of Your Sphyg

Accurate measurement of blood pressure is critical to helping your patients achieve positive health outcomes. While technique plays an important role, good readings also rely on well maintained and properly calibrated equipment.

Stethoscopes: The Value of a Comprehensive Warranty

Warranties are a key component of a product’s value, and ADC has some of the most comprehensive in the industry. Nearly all models in our Adscope Cardiology and Clinician lines offer lifetime warranties, which translates to a lifetime of savings on parts, repairs, and refurbishment.

We Want to Hear from You

Good or bad, we want to hear from you. Whether you are an authorized ADC dealer selling our product or a medical professional or institution owning and using that product, we want your feedback. While some get defensive in the face of criticism, we believe you learn far more from your mistakes and criticism than you do from your successes and flowery compliments.

Don’t be fooled by low (or high) prices

Although the average price of core diagnostic products is relatively low, you still want to make sure you get your money’s worth. We’ve all learned some hard lessons about buying cheap; yet choosing the highest-priced option isn’t always the solution, either.  We offer some tips to help you make a truly informed purchase decision.

Learning from Our Customers

Customer feedback, positive or negative, whether from a reseller of our products or a consumer, has truly helped make ADC a better company. And though we all love when a customer heaps praise on our products or services, it is the criticisms that drive change in a company responsive to its customers’ needs. We learn something new every day.

Importing Is Easy. Importing Quality Is Difficult

ADC has been globally sourcing the world’s finest medical device components for more than 30 years. When we started there was something of a mystique to importing. It was a big scary world and few understood how to import or had the skills necessary to successfully traverse the globe. In the ensuing decades, a lot has changed, and there are good and bad sides to these megatrends.

The Importance of Self Auditing

Sooner or later, every medical device manufacturer will undergo a third-party inspection. It may be initiated by customers, by third-party auditors (for ISO certification, for instance) or by a government body. So how does a company prepare? The answer is simple: Check yourself first! At ADC our self-auditing process is deeply embedded in our quality management system.

Inspected in the USA

You hear it on the news all the time, some product has been recalled from the market due to a defect or safety concern. It touches each of us, from concern over the foods we eat to the consumer products we purchase. One of the most effective ways of combating potential defects and non-conformities is with test protocols and equipment that ensures a higher level of quality.