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ADView 2 EMR Integration: A flexible, clinical-grade, next-generation solution

Simple, native, or enterprise integration with many of today's most popular EMR solutions, including those below.
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You know it’s important for your digital vital signs monitor to communicate with your EMR. Whether your priority is a streamlined workflow, increased efficiency, reducing transcription errors, or all of the above, a connected solution is a must-have in almost any healthcare environment today. That’s why ADC's new ADView 2 Modular Diagnostic Station is next-generation EMR ready with HL7 messaging for electronic data transfer. And better still, unlike some monitors, connectivity using your ADView 2 is extremely flexible, offering three integration options – simple, native, or enterprise – allowing you to build the monitor into almost any clinical workflow, no matter how simple or complex. 

Compare All Three Solutions

Using ADC’s free, downloadable Adviewer software, our Simple Integration creates a PDF file that can be attached to a patient’s existing electronic record. The option to print is also available. This solution offers fast, cheap integration with little technical know-how.

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Native Integration will send individual vital sign measurements directly to the corresponding EMR fields as defined in a patient’s electronic record.  A growing list of popular vendors offer compatibility with the ADView 2. Native integration requires some technical know-how and may involve initial costs to confirm data is being communicated accurately.

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Enterprise integration deploys translation middleware and leverages your experienced EMR integration specialists. This solution is suitable for larger institutions that may already have translation software and an IT team. Costs will be higher and execution more technical. ADC can recommend a professional services partner, if needed.

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